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VR Meditation

A mindfulness experience in virtual reality, exploring the potential of non-voice guiding meditation via real-time biofeedback.

MIT Media Lab | 2021


A 7-minute room-scale virtual reality experience with a strong narrative structure punctuated by moments of interactivity.

MIT Media Lab | 2021

Augmented Garden

An AR effect enables players to design their own lotus garden. 
AR Design Challenge | 2022


A splendid VR bridge-building simulation tool that combines all the fun and insight from classical spaghetti bridge building experiments with scientific accuracy computations to create an unrivaled learning experience for everyone, from middle schoolers to civil engineers and seniors. 

Class Project | 2021

Ferro Media

An installation which represents the chaotic "invisible field" of social media using ferro fliud as physical interface and AR visualization as digital interface.

Responsive Environment Class Project | 2022

Bracelona Pavilion

Explore the hidden design intention of barcelona pavilion in Virtual Reality
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