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Boundless Zhangyuan

Urban Design | Concept Design | 3D Modeling | Rendering

The original Zhang Yuan can be compared to a small light bulb with a voltage of 3V due to a sparse flow of people. Under the pressure of urban development, Zhang Yuan is now connected in series with the 220v voltage, forming its own "boundary". Therefore, with the theme of "Unbounded", we set up experiments to break the boundaries of cities and communities, purpose and purposelessness, daily and non-daily.


We hope that the future Zhang Yuan can let people freely shuttle between the ground and underground, day and night, reality and virtual, based on the current Zhang Yuan, touching the history and future of Shanghai.


The design carried out a multi-level discussion on the "boundary" with four stages, including finding the boundary, entering the boundary, breaking the boundary, eliminating the boundary.


Renderings (Individual Work)

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