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VR Game Design

CamBRIDGE Builder! is a splendid VR bridge-building simulation tool that combines all the fun and insight from classical spaghetti bridge building experiments with scientific accuracy computations to create an unrivaled learning experience for everyone, from middle schoolers to civil engineers and seniors. It aims to
(1) spark interest in bridge design by making the building and simulating experience fun

(2) provide an educational platform for design analysis, thus reinforcing intuition about existing designs. The app
combines the best of experiences familiar to mechanical and civil engineering students: the accuracy of pencil and paper calculations, the fun of building actual bridges out of spaghetti and the insight gained from 3D design simulators.





Xiaofei Hong  GSD MDes Tech 2022

Damien Harvard Physics 2023

Ninaad  Berkelee Undergraduate 2022

Nick  Berkelee Undergraduate 2022

Concept Development

 Unity implementation

Visual & Motion Design
Interaction Design

10/2021 - 12/2021

Figure 1. The landscape is a simple valley with a shallow river and two flat areas on either sides. Joints (either ground anchors or floating joints) can be added at any location on the grid.
Figure 2. The user draws bridge segments with the “Spaghetti pen.” The segments are drawn by pressing the trigger.
Figure 3. Visual cue and color-coding of the bridge in a “bad design” scenario. This case corresponds to the statistics highlighted in figure 5.
Figure 4. Visual cue and color-coding of the bridge in a “good design” scenario.
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